Bangladeshi Gamers win big in international Gaming competition

Bangladeshi gamers have won the second runner-up position in their first ever appearance in an international gaming competition. The competition organized by Robi Axiata Limited’s parent company as well as Asia’s telecom giant, Axiata Group Berhad. The south-east Asian level e-sports competition was held recently at Malaysia’s mercurial capital city, Kuala Lumpur.

In total, 12 players from Bangladesh took part in this competition in three teams. These players were selected through a national level gaming competition organized by Robi Axiata Limited in Bangladesh few days back. Just like all the other countries, Bangladeshi players at the national level competition had to playan exciting game named FreeFire to qualify for the international level competition.

The three teams that represented Bangladesh at the competition were-On Fire Cyanide, Bangla Unity and Team Incredible.As the second runner-up, On Fire Cyanide won $9,000 as prize money. The On Fire Cyanideteam was formed with Muhammad Nazmus Sakib, Khaja Kutub Uddin, Mahmudul Hasan Asif and Refat Ahmed Rony.

Similar to Robi, Axiata’s operating companies, Boost in Malaysia, Smart in Cambodia, XL in Indonesia also organized national level gaming competition in their respective countries. In total, 48 gamers from four countries took part in this competition grouped into twelve teams.

At the national level competition held in Bangladesh, a total of 2 lakh local gamers registered for the competition. The 48 players who topped the leader-board, moved on to play at the final stage of the national competition in 12 teams formed with four members in each team.

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